Complexities Simplified

ACE MF is a desktop based application for mutual fund research, which comprehensive in data coverage with analytical tools.


  • Data Coverage - ACE MF covers 45 AMCs and more than 8000 schemes.
  • Data includes all basic details of the scheme and portfolios, asset-wise and sector-wise details, fund manager's details, NAVs since Inception, ratios, returns, dividends, MF news and several other data points.
  • Features like drill-down, slicing and dicing and pivot tools, make this package incomparable.
  • Query Builder – "Smart way of presentation"
  • main feature - quartile analysis, fund of fund, investment trend calculator, event calendar, stock price, indices & bullion data etc.
  • Active Excel
  • Excel Plug in


  • Stock Broking
  • Banks
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Mutual Funds/AMC
  • Wealth Management & Office
  • IFA, Investment Advisors
  • Financial Publication & Media
  • Business Schools
  • Institutional Stock Broking