ACE Equity, a desktop based application which gives a comprehensive and analytical statistics for Indian company information. Data includes financial and non financial information of companies and Sector. It covers Company, sector and business groups as verticals. Extensive data coverage displays financial data display as published by Companies Annual Reports.


  • Database of more than 38,000 Indian companies
  • Historical Financials & Share Price Data of over 15 Years
  • Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash flows are directly linked with Annual report to ensure data is authentic, "as reported" by the company.
  • Business Activity classification for all companies based on Products
  • 13 Different industry specific financial format presentations on Profit and loss
  • Corporate actions – More than 100 events updated
  • Data on IPO, Data on F&O, FII Investments, and Global indices etc.
  • Industry Aggregates


  • Stock Broking
  • Banks
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Mutual Funds/AMC
  • Wealth Management & Office
  • IFA, Investment Advisors
  • Corporate
  • Financial Publication & Media
  • Management Consulting & Business Advisory
  • Private Equity/VC/FII
  • Insurance Co.
  • Investment Banking
  • Rating Agencies
  • Institutional Stock Broking